We take your data security seriously.


We provide a full one-stop solution that takes care of the entire process so you don’t have to.

With more companies facing cyber attacks, breaches or costly fines, the importance of your data security is clearer than ever.


That’s why we offer a range of data wiping services and physical hard drive destruction for those that want to see the data destroyed in front of their eyes.

With our range of services, we ensure that your data is completely destroyed from every single item we receive.


With recycling at the forefront of our business, we believe in reducing the amount of IT and electrical equipment that ends up in landfill each year.


Recycling IT Equipment

By reusing all working parts, we rebuild IT equipment ready to begin its second life.


As a Microsoft-authorised refurbisher, we also install the latest software on refurbished equipment, creating cheaper and greener alternatives to new equipment.

Everything that can’t be reused will be further recycled, making sure that not a single part of your IT equipment is thrown in the bin, down to the very last bolt.


With a fleet of drivers, we are ready to collect your electrical items from all over the UK exactly when you need it. With over ten years’ experience, we make IT recycling and disposal simple and easy, taking care of the entire process so you don’t have to.


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Our goal is to provide all clients total peace of mind while massively reducing recycling costs, making computer recycling easy.

Our Aims

Providing a safe, secure and environmentally friendly service to each and every client.

Reducing the amount of IT equipment that ends up in landfills by continuously improving our services and reaching new clients.

Delivering a complete recycling solution for domestic, commercial and corporate companies.

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