As more and more companies experience cyber security breaches and attacks, the importance of keeping your data secure is clearer than ever.

To help reduce data breaches, businesses now face huge fines – not to mention disruption, loss of custom and loss of reputation – for failing to protect their data.

For hard drives that can’t be wiped, or for businesses that want extra peace of mind, we also offer on-site destruction.

Using DestroyIT HDD technology, we can quickly destroy your hard drives either on your site or at our secure facility.

When the hard drives are put into the machine, it uses three tonnes of force to punch a hole through your hard drive, to render it useless.

Quick and easy, the machine will permanently damage your hard drive and destroy your data within 15 seconds. Taking place right in front of you, you can have the visual confirmation that your data is gone.


Our hard drive destruction service is:

Easy to use.

We take care of everything so you don’t have to. At PC4, you can guarantee your hard drives are in the right hands.


We will ensure that your data is completely destroyed and your equipment is reused or recycled.


We also ensure that your business complies fully with current legislation, making sure you avoid costly fines.

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